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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sports Betting Online >Your BETTING BANKROLL

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Training from: The Graduate
Sports Betting University

Be Smart and Confident with Your BETTING BANKROLL

Greetings, The Graduate here. I welcome you to another class at Sports Betting University. I will attempt to fill your spare ‘grey matter’ with important knowledge to assist you in becoming a successful sports bettor.

The lesson for the day will focus on two aspects for sports betting online. First, we will talk about the betting bankroll, and then follow up with a discussion on a sports betting ‘catch-phase’ used for money.

So, ask yourself, “what is your betting bankroll?”

If you think your bankroll is a ton of money, think again, because it ain’t! It is wrong to think your bankroll has to be excessively large. It is the money you have in your pocket, no matter how pathetic it is, which you intend to use for your favorite past time of sports betting. Set your betting bankroll as the amount of money you are willing to wager over a time period, like a day, a week, or a month.

Just make sure to plan your betting budget, and stick to it. That’s all it is, and remember to KISS (keep it simple stupid).

When you go to Vegas, or a casino anywhere, the money you take with you is your bankroll. The cash you have available to place bets on football, baseball, or basketball games, that dude, is your betting bankroll.

Your betting bankroll is just for betting. It is NOT the money to be used for paying the mortgage, or rent. It is NOT the money needed to feed the family, or to pay the household monthly expenses.

The moment your bets exceed your budgeted betting bankroll, take your hand, form a fist, and punch yourself in the head as hard as you can. Hopefully, this will knock some sense into you, because if it doesn't, I guarantee, you will shortly be in financial dire straights.

To sum up, your betting bankroll is the cash you have set aside for the enjoyment and excitement of sports betting online. For success, always make sure to plan, budget, and implement your betting bankroll properly.

Scared Money
When betting sports, the phase ‘scared money’ is used, at times, which refers to the money available in your betting bankroll. So, you ask…

What the hell is scared money in a wager?

No, scared money is NOT the money that always eludes you. You know, that money you always dreamed of having, but seems like you could never get your hands on. No, that’s not it!

Scared money is the cash you are terrified of losing on a wager. When it comes to sports betting, scared money is the money you do NOT want to have when making a wager.

Why? Here’s the long answer…

First off, there is nothing wrong having the fear of losing a wager. However, when sports betting you must also realize you will lose wagers at times, it is inevitable. But when one is constantly scared betting sports, their judgment becomes impaired resulting in scared decisions. And from these decisions, in the long run, guess what happens? The wagers which are made turn out to be totally moronic, and constant losers.

In sports betting, you must give in to the old adage, ‘'you win some, you lose some'’. So if you want to be the ultimate, successful sports gambler, then you must not be afraid of losing a wager. This sense of security is key for confident wagering, without using scared money.

To eliminate this fear of losing, one must be knowledgeable, and comfortable when betting online. This involves understanding two things:
1. how to cut down on your losses, and
2. how to increase your chances of winnings.

That is why we offer this FREE training at the Sports Betting University, so you can learn how to become a successful sports bettor. Just stay in touch with us here, and gain the insight on these two aspects of sports betting online, plus a whole lot more. It will be well worth your time!
sports betting online

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